disco viking.
my name is katie and sometimes i put words together to form sentences.

nineteen. genderfluid. lesromantic pansexual.
i sexually objectify celebrities. roleplayer/cosplayer. writer.
my favorite word is microcosm.

i don't care about most things and care too much about some things.

Current pronouns: female.

blame it on the black star
blame it on the falling sky
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okay but like

if you honestly believe that steve rogers is a person that stands for everything the us government stands for i can’t take you seriously???

just because he’s captain america and he’s patriotic doesn’t mean that he trusts the government, he trusts the ideals that the government parrots that they never follow

steve rogers doesn’t believe in the america of the politicians, he believes in the america they like to flap gums about, the america that’s a home to all people and a haven for new lives and a place of diversity and truth; it’s why he doesn’t trust shield at all, he doesn’t trust the politics and lying and lying by omission 

steve wouldn’t be on the government’s side of history; if anything, he’d be a virulent opposer of it. steve’s the people’s hero, not the government’s poster boy 

i did that tag game and these were my tags 

#and their comparison to Sherlock’s penis

#okay i really need to sleep now

#but also creepy to an extent

#seriously though the sexual tension is just plain canon

#and i say

#no bye

#and 5ever

#on your left

#rolls around

#me being an asshole

[11:07:18 PM] Loki Laufeyson: yo
[11:07:20 PM] Leonard McCoy: thats a big hole diggy thing
[11:07:30 PM] Loki Laufeyson: incredible

yoo cop guy thats sooo much ketchup 


"i’ll need to see some ID"



"i keep asking myself who could’a done a thing like this"

you lester you fucking piece of shit wow ur so like this is an obvious case of cognitive dissonance 

people who think the show is trying to justify what lester did aren’t watching the same show 

martin freeman’s boots are hot

oh and im tagging all my fargo posts with ‘fargo’ and ‘fargo spoilers’

if they have triggers in them i’ll tag those too but im sure some of them will just be martin freeman saying ‘heck’

okay it’s starting bye

fargo is on bye


i have the best taste in clothes im just too poor to prove it

Cause of death:




I thought you were more than just a shield.
Let’s see.